Ryder Damen

Hi, I'm Ryder.

I'm a hard-working Canadian who likes to travel, design, program, and discover. Scroll down to find out more about me.

My educational background is in the sciences, and I'm a self-taught programmer and designer. I've worked on numerous freelance projects, and I'd be happy to work on yours.

My mantra in life is to always try or learn something new. Whether that be code, an experiment, longboarding, or flying an airplane, if it's something I haven't tried, I'm always keen to try it.

I'm currently working on my Masters of Biomedical Engineering in Toronto, but if you'd like to get in contact with me, please do.

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Science & Engineering

With a background in the biomedical sciences, I'm currently completing my Masters in Biomedical Engineering in Toronto. I'm specifically interested in the intersection between software, and biomedical engineering.

For the scientists in the room, here are a few of my wet lab skills.

  • Flow cytometry (FACS)
  • Western Blot
  • Agarose gel electrophoresis
  • PCR – Conventional
  • qPRC (Real-time PCR)
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Immunohistochemistry

Programming & Design

For the non-programmers, My strengths are in app and web development.

Working with Javascript, Angular, React, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and a few other languages and platforms, I love the ability to create something out of nothing. Here are a few of the languages and frameworks I'm familiar with:

  • Java
    • Android Native Development (Apps)
  • Python
    • TensorFlow
  • Javascript
    • AngularJS, Ionic, Cordova
    • React
    • Node.js
  • PHP
    • WordPress
    • Symfony

Leadership & Travel

I'm a big fan of learning new, and teaching new leadership skills. From my experience as a student leader, to presenting at national leadership conferences, I can bring people together.

A big part of my leadership skills come from my experiences travelling. I've been to over 40 countries, and I've got no plans to stop any time soon. For details on my travels, information on countries, and a few stories, check out my travel blog.